Welcome to my new gardening blog!

I’ve been blogging for nearly 6 years over at Sonnystoneacres.com for family mostly, but decided to start a new site that was dedicated strictly to my gardening and my thoughts about/while gardening.  I determined to get going on April 1, since that was when I was able to get out into the dirt, especially starting a new flower bed and moving/separating old perennials.  Alas, I’m just now getting going, but I can catch you up on what we’ve done and where we’re going.  I should say that I live in Evansville, In right along the Ohio River, zone 6B.  I started gardening in earnest in 1994 when we lived in another house about a mile from where we live now.  I had that garden looking great and producing well by 2003, when I fell in love with the property and house that we now own.  Since moving in here, I’ve had to pull out the invasive euonymous  vines that completely covered the trees and shrubs, killing trees and just generally bullying everywhere it went.  I’ve had to take down a huge, old tree that I loved, but was towering over my house, half-dead and ready to start dropping large limbs.  I hated to do that, but the ice-storm the next year assured me I had done the right thing.  That very change caused me to have to provide a shadey area where it stood.  We built a trellis area and planted wisteria to go over it and put in a garden area over the stump….this did not work well, so this year we’ve moved that bed to the other side.  My husband enjoys working on structures for me, so gardening has also been a marriage-enhancer!! 

April 1:  digging up stones

There has been a house on this property, in about the same spot, since 1881.  When we dig, we often find large stones such as these, hence our name for our property:  Sonnystone Acres.  There was a large “S”  on the chimney of our house when we moved in and we wanted to keep it, but our surname does not begin with the letter S.  The “Sonny” part is in honor of the cat who owned us when we moved here; he passed away in 2004 at the ripe old age of 16.  

April 2:  the bee balm and roses are in

I moved the bee balm (from three clumps to what you see) and the 2 knock-out roses from sites that no longer suited them to a new bed on the east side of the house, behind our grape arbor.

I moved some of the black-eyed susans (rudbeckia) to fill in the space where I had taken the bee balm. 

April 4:  the raw “cottage garden”

All of the “old” plants have been placed now:  3 anise hyssop, 3 each of purple coneflower, shasta daisy, 5 daylilies.  The birdbath is not new, either, but is in a better place for upkeep.

April 11:  cottage garden, or my vision of one

The weather was summery, so it was easy to go ahead and plant the hollyhocks (at the back),  working my way in with liatris, delphinium, and more coneflower and daisies.  There’s a white butterfly bush in the corner you can’t see.  The magnolia on the upper right is in honor of my oldest grand-daughter, Emma Magnolia.  The weather stayed very warm until 2 nights ago, but there has been  no frost or anything damaging.  In fact, I’m very glad to get back to the cooler temps so that I’m not tempted to put out my veggies too soon.  That’s another story, though.  Now that I’m up to snuff on this project, I can move on to every-day updating.  

I hope you’ll stick around and see how all of this turns out.  I’m not one who believes that I can control my garden.  Other than planting properly and careful tending, I am at the mercy of the weather or the bugs, or sometimes the soil or the plant itself. Sometimes I work very hard for very little; sometimes my laziness results in bountiful blooms.  Either way, I enjoy the effort and learn lots of little lessons that extrapolate to Life.  

See you soon!


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