I did NOT plant the veggies

 I did go by the fruit stand and they didn’t have any decent-sized Roma tomatoes, but I bought up some more bell peppers and eggplant.  Because I lose control and just start loading up plants, I also bought some foxglove, cilantro, and (of all things) coreopsis.  I’m of the school of  “buy the plant, then figure out where to put it”, but this will be very challenging.  I found some good-size Roma’s down at the grocery store, but decided not to plant because stormy weather was predicted for this week-end.  I have sat and second-guessed that decision all week, but today I’m glad I waited.  In the meantime, the veggies are safely out on the back porch. 

While we wait to put out the veggies, we sodded around the trellis: 

This deluge is great for new sod.

My cool-weather crops are doing very well:

That’s buttercrunch lettuce above.  Onions and peas below. 

We planted the wisteria last year, so this is our first Spring together.  It is especially intriguing, full now of clenched purple blooms. 

We dodged the brunt of the storms; my heart goes out to the folks down in louisiana, mississippi, and alabama.  Tornadoes suck.  There’s more rain predicted for tomorrow, but I’d like to move on to the front porch where I’ve got 9 empty containers waiting to be filled with shade-lovers.  There’s always something.


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