The veggies are in!

The zucchini, eggplant, dill, fennel, basil, oregano, and marjoram went into the ground today.   The tomatoes (sweet cherry 100’s, better boys, romas, husky red grape) were planted on Saturday, along with the bell peppers and sweet banana peppers—the stakes held out during the storms. 

The grapes are looking fine; they are concords, my favorite. 

The cottage garden saw a few changes over the week-end when I moved the butterfly bush over every so slightly to make room for some foxglove (2 different kinds):

And the porch—I am not fond of planting containers.  I feel kind of clumsy placing all the small little plants in and am not confident of their survival.  I combined the coleus with the impatiens and they turned out well (for now). 

The porch is ready for a party this week-end–to celebrate my grand-daughter’s 2nd birthday with family.  Check out the hostas that husband moved from the north side of the house. 

Speaking of husband, he’s off the next couple of days and should (maybe) have the sod planted in time for the party.  His new walk looks great, too. 

Even though we took time off for our KY Derby festivities and the storms made a lot of mud, I’m very pleased with our efforts.  It’s raining again now….who could ask for more??


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