containers count, too

We had a little get-together to celebrate our grand-daughter’s 2nd birthday on Sunday.  It seemed like the first time we’d stopped in a while (even on Saturday we were mulching) and it was nice to stop and share the pretty with family.  I’ve got zinnia  and sunflower seeds to sow, as well as some cardinal climber and hyacinth bean, but the temperatures have been drooping down to the low 40’s at night and daytimes no better than 55 or so.  So I’ve waited.  It’s supposed to get back into the 70’s with the added bonus of rain all week. 

In the meantime, here’s some of my containers: 


above:  lantana

below:  gerbera daisies

This is a combo of lemon variegated thyme and lemon mint:

Many of the containers under the trellis are scented–besides the lemon mint and thyme, there is lemon verbena, honeydew sage and pineapple sage. 

I especially love the lemon verbena for its outstanding scent and taste, but it’s not a very pretty plant, so it’s over in the corner (no pressure).  


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