Saturday sales and market

We had a good start to our rummage sales this morning, getting out and about by 7am so we could head on down to the Farmers Market after shopping.  Our first stop netted a new toy: a telescope, complete, but without “papers”, so husband is doing a lot of adjusting…

We also picked up a 2-step stool ($1) and a kitschy orange acrylic ring holder in the shape of a hand….so not much out of about 7 sales.  Some of the prices were more than ridiculous, but I felt sorry for the clueless  folks I bought the hand from, so I parted with 50cents.


Then we headed down to the Farmers Market, which today was a real shebang with bands and speakers and such. 

We just finished up a mess of green beans and new potatoes with some grilled pork chops.  Mmmm.  I’m getting ready to slice up some strawberries for a dessert.   I also got some more basil, another rosemary, and a different eggplant from the Market and got those planted, as well as some containers that needed re-doing (the coleus on the front porch didn’t do well).   We put down a soaker hose in the veggie garden and it’s going to make my life much easier.  Last week was cloudy, damp,  and almost-cold, but today was sunny and dry with temps in the 80’s.  The whole week ahead looks the same, so the new watering system will be greatly appreciated.

Turns out the bush beans I sowed were dead.  I wasn’t sure  how old they were, but now I know.  The pole beans are coming up nicely, though.  I ran into Rural King and picked up some fresh and I’m going to get them planted tomorrow morning.  It’s going to be another beautiful day!!


One thought on “Saturday sales and market

  1. nice find on the rug!!!!! i’m jealous! keep your eyes out for another one. i am looking for something for under the dining room table.


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