What’s new in the garden……

Sorry no posts, but the last week of school is very distracting!!  I’ve been busy, though.  We put in soaker hoses in both the veggie and the cottage garden and I love them (so do the plants!!).  It’s been excruciatingly hot and humid, more like July or August than May.  I got really tired of looking at my zucchini plants just doing nothing– really sort of embarrassed, to be honest.  Squash is so easy to grow and over in our Harmon Ct. garden we couldn’t stop it, but here it’s done very poorly. They are large plants and they have their own center bed, but I gave 1/3 of it to other crops.   I tried this mounding thing I read about this year, but they still looked like crap.  It’s the dirt (excuse me, soil), or that’s my theory.  So I bought several bags of topsoil,  pulled out most of the sandy clay that was in the bed and planted 4 more (2 zucch, 2 yellow straightneck). 

They seem to be doing better.  The pole beans are jumping right up and now the bush beans are, too—it really pays off to plant live seeds!  I trimmed the basil, too, and it’s all looking great:

But I’m especially proud of the cottage/arbor garden.  Just remember how this looked in April and you’ll understand how amazed I am that it looks so great:


We have two mourning dove babies that stroll around the garden (their nest in the in the wisteria) and they are darling gawky little birds that don’t spook easily, fun to watch.  The nest in our grapevines is a cardinal nest, and we watch mom sit from the window because she does spook easily.  So far no babies, though.  I am so excited about this growing season….everything seems to be doing well. 



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