As soon as we pulled in to the driveway from the airport last week, I joyfully exclaimed:  The garden looks great—so tall—so green–so bloomy!!!  i made a trip around the house, wide-eyed:   Look at the zinnias—and the delphinium has bloomed….oh, and the veggies—the squash has made it…check out all the tomatoes on every variety of plant—hmm…not so good on the bell peppers, and that lemon balm needs to be cut waay back, but how do those pole beans know how to grow so well?  The porch, so cool and dark, glowed with the color of the impatiens and coleus and I plopped down on the swing. 

aahh…it’s good to be home

We’ve had 2 major rains since these pictures were taken and I’ve had to do some staking, but no damage done from those and most of the plants are even larger (especially squash).  One problem as presented itsefl:  the deer ate my hollyhocks (just the blooming shoots, thank-you), my peas (good thing I got so many of them myself) and attempted to eat a better boy tomato…..I bought up some marigold and am strategically placing  it around the deer-buffet.  Husband is going to put up a small fence to protect the tomatoes.  Bell peppers still don’t look so great; I still haven’t cut back the lemon balm.  Keepin’ busy…..


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