taking care of the deer problem (I hope)

We happened by Home Depot to look at showers (yes, we’re still planning on that bathroom re-do, just not now).  They had some rather bedraggled-looking marigolds that they were selling for 99cents a flat, so I searched through and found the best.  I’ve heard their smell will repel the deer, so I’ve planted some and potted some and placed them around the hollyhocks:

Around back, where the deer had been munching on the tops of my tomatoes, we put up a small fence around the outside bed, then put our carts and a wagon-load of marigolds to keep them away.  I still have some worries about the corner tomatoes, but we’ll see…

I pulled up the peas and planted some more;  used last year’s sunflowers to plant a long row behind the sage.  Got them watered and put to bed.  I hope the peas do well and are up by the time the grandkids visit—they’re so tasty right off the vine. 

All the mints have been trimmed back and the flowers have been dead-headed, so I’m ready for a week-end visit to #2 grand-daughter. 


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