running up the water bill

oh, I think it’s worth it to keep everything looking so good.  I admit that when the crops aren’t responding to the extra effort, gardening can be very discouraging to me.  This year, though, it’s all looking really good.   I cut back the hollyhock (which is just foliage now, anyway), added some garden phlox and some more echinacea and daisy, moved the pachouli into a container (rummage sale find), and re-potted the mint, moved the foxglove and the underwhelming daylilly, repotted a strawflower and planted some bright red petunias, moved the lemon verbena (about 4ft tall now) into the sun, moved the gerbera daisy/strawflower containers to the front porch, placed the gerbera daisy containers between the sedum (in front of the holly), ……and that’s just in the cottage garden… the veggie garden, I moved some basil from the pepper bed and planted 5 more peppers. 

I wrote the above on the 27th and since then we’ve had a good rain that cleared the oppressive humidity.  I’ve cut back the basil and harvested some tomatoes and a yellow squash, ready to chow down!!


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