unidentified butterfly encounter

I was taking some pictures of the zinnias and black-eyed susans when I spotted a butterfly flitting back and forth.  Butterflies will let you get real close because they don’t pay any attention to you.  They won’t pose for me or show off their beauty, just busy, busy from flower to flower. 

see him up there, right side center?

he's more orange on the outside

he's more blue on the inside

there he goes....

I’m not sure why I think  it was a guy-butterfly.  He put out a rather masculine vibe, it seemed.  I wonder what kind he is??  Anybody know?


5 thoughts on “unidentified butterfly encounter

  1. Sure – it’s a Monarch Hybrid Nistuanis. Just give me a wine cooler next time I’m over at your house.
    (Anything that’s berry flavored).


  2. wtf? since when are you a naturalist??? just in case someone is using this blog as a reference, i feel i must explain that my sister confabulates……she’ll do anything for a wine cooler….but we love her… (nice try, sis, but there’s a little thing called the internets that keeps us honest)


  3. I agree with MGY…especially since he doesn’t require the drink motivator…..here’s to you, kid!! i do hope i don’t see that caterpillar around, though; hard to believe that they are related.

    note to yoda: my download speed is 9565; state average 6426, usa 8253. i guess it’s just me…….


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