blooms a-burstin’

Before we left to go camping, we watered everything and hoped for the best.  By the time we got home, the squash was wilting and all containers in the sun were dry.  It took a while that evening to get everything perked back up.  It seemed to me that the black-eyed susans opened their blooms as I moved through the bed with my garden hose, as if I were the Watergoddess.  I do love some zinnias—they can take drought with little effect—and they’ve filled in between the susans so beautifully.

The trellis is fully covered with wisteria and the birds use it for shade as much as I do.  With this heat, it’s a cool spot to sit and watch….

The deer weren’t scared of the marigolds and took a few tomatoes while we were gone.  We’ve now put up barriers and I think we’ve got them protected; I also had to put up some taller stakes and tie up the big ones.  I’ll show you some veggie garden pictures next post. 

daisies make me smile


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