the chair project plus a gardening update

Check out my newly-upholstered chairs!!  They were really threadbare,  so it wasn’t a minute too soon.  I got this material on clearance for $4/yard–54″ and it only took 2 yards to cover 6 chairs.  I used some high-profile batting for padding and just pulled them and stapled—oila!!!

after and before

I’ve managed to get a lot of gardening done, too.  I got hoops put around 2 of the anise hyssop and used a fan trellis to hold up the third.  I liked the hoops so well that i bought some more and used them for the purple coneflower, too. It’s rained about every other day, late afternoon thunderstorms from the crazy heat wave.  The tomatoes are coming on so fast I can hardly keep up; I chopped a couple dozen romas today and have several dozen left;  there’s a basketful of better boys, and gobs of cherries, both sweet 100’s and husky reds.  A lot of the cherry tomatoes just go into my mouth as I harvest in the mornings.  The squash are just not good.  All I’ve gotten is 2 yellow and one zucchini and one of the yellow squash plants has to be pulled up.   I really think this is the last year for them. The bell peppers are blooming, as are the green beans—I’m hoping there will be plenty of green beans for Emma to pick when she visits this week.  ttfn.



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