When we were faced with the fact that we had expensive (to us) tickets to a concert in….Lampe, Mo…..really just a drive-through kind of town on Hwy 13…we said, wtf?  Branson was the nearest town that I’d ever heard of, but Branson didn’t have anything that attracted us.  They closed the Roy Rogers Museum back in 2009–even auctioned off  Trigger, for heaven’s sake–and though it’s full of shows, I already had tickets to a show, so……..we found this place about 45minutes away called Eureka Springs in Arkansas. It was built around a bunch of springs, healing springs if  you will, in the 1830’s, but really got its theme in the Victorian era when folks were building those solid hotels and baths and rich people were flocking in to rejuvenate. It’s built into the hills, storefront after storefront, charmingly re-enacted today with a lot of earth-conscious, local artisan, upscale shops.  We’re not really shoppers, but we did go in a wonderful antique store and, of course, bought a tee-shirt at the cheapest place we could find.  We ate at “The Balcony Restaurant” located in the Basin Spring Hotel and the views from there give you an idea of what it was like.

eureka springs, ar

eureka springs, ar

as i had suspected, the 45-minute trip from Lampe was a bit on the curvey side and we didn’t want to drive it after dark after the concert, so after we toured the village, we headed back up toward Lampe to Kimberling City, Mo, directly on Tablerock Lake.  We stayed at a resort right on the water and we loved it.  We relaxed at the pool, staggered down to the lakeside bar/grill and the trip back from the concert was only 5 minutes–yayay!!

view from our balcony

view from the deck at ahoy's

It was really a beautiful area. It was so darn hot, though.  I worried about the garden, but I think we got some rain while we were gone.  Everything is doing well, and I moved some containers around to cover some bare spots in the cottage garden–but I’ll show you all of that later.


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