It’s a great day for butterflies

Forget the butterfly bush, the butterflies love my zinnias.  Oh, they’re not avoiding any flowers, but the zinnias were a swarm of activity this afternoon.  I stood outside snapping away for 60 or so pictures and got some good ones.  I especially like this orange guy: 

One reason I took so many shots is that there was a couple of black-ish butterflies that were flying in tandem, closely following each other around the trellis garden.  They flitted and flew and I snapped and followed, even as they rounded the corner and came flying at me.  The pictures, however, are not as clear as I’d like because they were always in motion.

That’s enough excitement for now, though there’s more where those came from and the party is still going on out there.  With all this, how will I possibly have time to work??? 


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