I just love these pictures….

From the dining room window, I spied a robin bathing and ran for my camera.  I had to change the lens, so by the time I was ready to snap, rockin’ robin was already drying off:

Even though the weather is obnoxiously hot, the butterflies and birds of all kinds flock to the garden, buzzing around our heads.  We’ve got lots of hummingbirds and goldfinches, as well as the cardinals and robins.  We’ve even got a baby bunny living in the zinnia forest who has become accustomed to our presence (if we use soft tones and no quick movements).   I’m determined to catch a pic of him, but so far haven’t had the camera ready when he’s munching.  The veggies have started to come back from the heat-shock and I should have another good crop of tomatoes and some decent bell peppers, though I’ve given up on the eggplant and the green beans are done.  The disappointment in the vegetable garden is easily overcome by the fun in the flower garden, though.  And how’s this for some bokeh??


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