I feel so guilty about neglecting my blogs.  FINALLY, the humidity let up enough to actually get some work done in the garden.  I’ve had to prioritize my watering and the black-eyed susans were rather low on the list, so we did trim them back and get some much-needed water to them via a soaker hose last night.  The birds, of course, don’t care!!!  I sat out under the trellis the other evening (before the cool arrived) and watched the hummingbirds.  There is one who thinks he is king of the zinnia-forest-feeder, perching often on the garden stake my nieces gave me.  Another is in charge of the grape-arbor-feeder and he perches on the grapevines right outside my library/office window.  I’ve never seen them hold still so often—and there are so many! sometimes 6 or 8 at a time buzzing around, chasing each other and making those little squeal-y sounds.  I did manage to grab my camera and snapped away. 


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