Meteorological beginning of autumn is 9/1, a date chosen by our weather folks to make compiling statistics easier.  Astronomical beginning of autumn is the autumnal equinox, when the sun crosses the equator.  I always feel like fall begins after Labor Day, probably because when I was a student that was when we went back to school after summer vacation.  Since the family has been making Labor Day week-end an annual event, it’s become more pronounced as the Change-Time.  It’s time to harvest, giving away as much as I can and storing the rest.  It’s time to change out the containers, bring in the houseplants, and fill up the shed with pots of soil and wicker furniture.  That feeling was underscored today, the first rainy day we’ve had….since June???!!!  It has been so cool and wet that we closed all the windows and snuggled on the couch to warm up.  I just walked outside into the foggy air and had to ask myself, “was it really THAT hot this summer?”  Yes, it was.  And dry.  There’s nothing you can do about it, this weather thing, and every season you face a new challenge.  I’m very grateful that I can water a garden so easily, but hey, it gets to be no fun.  It did inspire me to buy more soaker hose and engineer a better system, but next year it could be the All Rain year.  I always have plans to correct the flaws of this year’s gardens, moving this and that.  Digging and planting are my favorite parts of gardening, so I’m psyched to get started.

And I’m ready to be a more regular blogger, too.  Stay in touch…….


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