there’s hope in the pansies

I have been harvesting, grumpily, for the past week.  I’ve brought in all the bell peppers now and about 2/3 of the basil.  The lemon verbena is ready for a tea party; the patchouli is at the base of some potpourri;  the oregano and marjoram are drying and nearly ready to be put into my freshly-washed containers.  I’ve left the sweet cherry 100 tomatoes because there’s a ton of fruit left (though the plants are brown and ugly).   Most of the mums look good, but it’s still a struggle to keep everything watered—mainly due to my lack of motivation.   That’s why I was surprised at my enthusiasm when I stopped by Ronnie’s and picked up a flat of pansies.  They are so cheery, like little smiley faces, and they’ll bloom this fall and next spring.  I’m not sure where to plant them, but they’re just what I needed……



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