Just before the Rain

I had stopped listening to the weatherman by Saturday morning when I decided to rearrange the flower garden.  All I knew was the ground was hard and dusty and it looked like if I waited for rain I’d never get anything done.  I’ve been wanting to move the butterfly bush ever since I realized it is Too Big for the spot it’s in.  The middle of a drought is not such a great time to think about digging up plants, so I just kept staring and planning, waiting for the right time.  Plan in mind, I started by pulling up the geraniums and deadheading the daisy, coneflower, and anise.  I moved the three anise to the back and some daisies nearer the corner where another clump is.  Then hubby moved the butterfly bush directly south where the anise had been.  That intruded on the coneflower, so coneflowers took over the corner the butterfly bush had been.  The butterflies, by the way, just followed along amiably.  I moved around the digitalis and a volunteer anise, stuck in a few lights and !oila!……..

Legs are a little achey, but I’m real happy with the changes.  I also got the oregano and marjoram put into containers, pulled the exotic basils and started drying them on screens, and together we toed in the dogwood bushes and peonies for overwintering in the veggie gardens.  Still watering, we figured we’d bring everything in closer to minimize work.  After all that (and cooking and cleaning) I slept well, waking to the sound of the rain–hip-hip-hooray!!  It wasn’t that much rain, though, but high temps are in the 60’s now—30degrees lower than last week–and I feel my energy returning.  I’ve been eyeing the pumpkins and I’ll be getting the front porch arranged soon.  Oh, and I still don’t know where to put the pansies, but they’ll fit right in somewhere. 


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