the birds are back….

We put our birdfeeders out last week, but as you can see, I haven’t been keeping up with keeping you up.  Three sunflower seed feeders, 2 finch feeders with niger, a log smeared with bark butter, a birdbath and the little frog bowl for water were strategically placed; we downsized to just one hummingbird feeder, but they’re mostly gone.  The area is alive with activity and I’ve gotten out my bird-identification-book, trying to get some good pictures through the windows and doors. 


carolina wren

northern cardinal

you name them

carolina chickadee

downy woodpecker

I’m still working with my “backdrops” and there’s often some glare through the window that poses a problem—you should see the ones the get away!! 

the squirrels are thirsty, too



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