my veggies are IN… this has to be the latest ever, but it looks good and the weather is fine…

3 california wonders, 2 big belles, 4 sweet banana peppers; 2 better boys, 2 romas, 2 sweet cherry 100s, 1 early girl, 1 red husky;  8 eggplants;  9 basil; 6 squash.  that’s nasturtium in the center ready to climb up the fan trellis;  the oregano and rosemary are back from last year.  oh, and 2 chive between the tomatoes as well as some cilantro and cayenne pepper in a container.  ahh…sounds like some fine summer grilling…

did you notice we have the soaker hose laid Everywhere?…after last year’s drought, i learned that those babies make my life a lot easier and my plants much happier.

still to do:   sugar snap peas and scarlet runner beans;  geraniums in the washtubs.  i put some ferns from the yard into containers for the front porch and am still working on its final “look”—i’m thinking a second swing would be symmetrically functional. 

thank goodness for the perennials…looks like we’ll have lots of grapes this year…

the kind of tired i get from digging and planting is the best, despite the achey back and dirty hands.  it all looks great now, but it’s a crapshoot, ya know?   it could be eaten by bugs, drowned or dehydrated by whimsical weather, but right this minute i’m full of hope.


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