neither the vegetable garden nor the trellis garden were affected by the Big 5/25  Storm…a large limb jusstt missed the magnolia and landed on some lavendar, and the wind zipped a few leaves off of the wisteria, but that’s been easily fixed.  i’ve worked off my shock, planting and staking, watering and rearranging.  the ferns from the front porch have been moved to the screen porch for now, as even the trellis garden is getting more sun than before. 

i’ve planted scarlet runner beans and sugar snap peas, sunflowers, more basil, some parsley and petunias, zinnias and licorice vine.  i found one of the little ferns in a pile of dirt on the front porch and re-planted it. 

my daylilies, coneflower, daisies, anise hyssop, and bee balm are ready to burst into bloom soon.  no one can be un-cheered in a garden…


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