good day for growing

 i question myself when i give up on plants and decide to put in more virile specimens…especially with bell peppers.  bell peppers have challenged me for all of the years i’ve lived at sonnystone.  on harmon court i had excess california wonders, but here…not so good…  i’ve amended, moved, changed up the type of pepper—to no avail!  but i remain resolved to have enough of those babies to give away.  to that end, i bought some new very green peppers to add to the old struggling ones, did some deep digging and put it all together with some hope.

then, there’s the eggplant dilemma.  i got on an eggplant binge and bought up 6 black beauties and 2 whoppers.  our next-door-neighbor brought over 4 black beauties (casey took them, not knowing for sure if we needed them).   the plants in the ground were struggling, showing some leafy stress, and i opted to dig it all up and do it again.  i left the hardy husky red cherry in the middle, placed the parsley below it,  and put a white sage on either side of the row..filled in with 2 of the neighbor’s eggplant in front of each of the sugar pea trellises; i kept one of the whoppers and put it in between the peas and  the sage.  had to throw away the leftovers…guilt…shame….

i got all that done yesterday, hoping to get it mulched today…but even better!!  it’s a rainy, cool day which will lead to sunny, hot days and i’m expecting everything to grow about a foot…or so…


containers are nice, too…


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