while i was gone…

everything kept growing…except those rascally pepper plants…i pulled up the mangy-looking ones and fussed over the others.  everything else is going strong…

see those straggly peppers on the right? harrumph...

the zinnias and morning glory in the center of the tomatoes

basil amongst the wild oregano

the eggplant looks pretty puny, but the peas are perky

scarlet runner beans cover the onions near the kent oregano

the early girl tomato, squash and a little tomatillo

cilantro is about done...geraniums and licorice in the washtub

solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as these echinacea

if the veggies don’t straighten up, i’m going to throw down some zinnia seeds…i can always count on the flowers…. can’t eat them, though.  the front of the house is still a little traumatic for me….so i just leave it alone and play in the other gardens for now.  this fall we’ll be verrry busy moving hosta and such, but the roofs and gutters have to be repaired and some soil brought in.  i can wait… 

peeking around the hydrangeas to the front yard...


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