yes, betsy, i DID have a vegetable garden this year

but i don’t have much to show for it.  this gardening blog has been neglected and forlorn while i griped and complained.   the peppers and eggplants were a no-show; green beans barely produced.  squash harvest was modest; the onions did well;  the sweet cherry 100’s were delicious, but i pulled them up a while back; the husky red cherries, better boys and early girl still have plenty on the vine.  if it weren’t for the herbs,  i’d have no reason to call myself a gardener (well, those and the flowers).  but i am a gardener, which means i have a plan for Next Year.  it will definitely be an improvement.

i’m still blaming the loss of the trees for all my outdoor-challenges.  we actually got the roofs fixed last friday and the trim fellas showed up yesterday morning…(only 3 1/2 months later)…and we’re still waiting on the gutter guys.  i’m warming up to the idea of a sunny flower garden in front of a screened-in front porch next summer. . .

so, i’m glad to see the season end and ready to put out the pumpkins…but in the meantime, there’s all that parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme….gobs of oregano, and my favorite, the basil…


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