moving it around…

the weather is perfect…i don’t think i’d get tired of it 365…

we had planned an overhaul of the north fence area before the trees fell, but it had to be changed and delayed.  it’s only about half-shade now, but that was enough room for the hostas that had been out front.  i had put 2 red-twig dogwood bushes in intensive care this summer and they are doing well, so we moved them in the sunnier spot along with 2 knock-out roses that i’d hidden on the eastside chaos garden.  we dragged over one of the bird baths and a big stone urn that we found one heavy-trash day.  casey had been nursing a holly volunteer in a large pot and we were so happy to give it a permanent home.  it looks good….

and there’s more…we’ll put in a full day tomorrow…


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