starting from seed

i’ve had mixed results with seed-starting over the years.  after my first year, propped by beginner’s luck, i was rather smug about the process, figuring i must have a gift since all i did was throw some seeds into some peat pellets.  by the end of the second year, faced with a lot of dried up peat pellets that had become gray coffins for stringy seedlings (i’d lost track of what was what, anyway), i was sobered into approaching the process prepared.  anyone who gardens knows that all the books, articles, or advice won’t affect the outcome as much as a wee bit of luck.  i’ve had good luck with flowers:  impatiens, coleus, and zinna.  occasionally i’ve managed to bring up some peppers and once i had a bumper crop of basil.  but it’s a gamble, really.

so today i started, with hope and care, some beefsteak, homestead, roma, and cherry tomatoes; california wonder and mixed bell peppers, cilantro, eggplant, morning glory, scarlet runner beans, moonflower, and zinnia.  hope… that’s the ticket.

i’m looking around for the proper container to grow the lettuce…that’s worked before with spinach, and i picked up a mix of various greens for this year.  i’ve got a plan for some herbs, too, but haven’t found seeds yet.   i’ve always wanted to be able to grow a windowsill herb garden…maybe this is the year…maybe not…

starting seeds…growing means taking a chance that the work you do will come to naught…knowing that the work itself is its own reward…


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