barometric pressure erratic

i don’t have to tell you that it’s been a wierd winter so far…more like spring, roller-coasting from too-warm to cold, wrecking havoc on the land and my sinuses.  i can feel a storm 100 miles away without the weather channel, a heavy throbbing in my eyes, ears, nose, and throat; when the storm passes, i feel as if a boulder has been taken off of my shoulders.  gee, kinda miserable, huh?  but the daffodils don’t care…wouldn’t even listen to my complaints:

my seed-starting-skills are no better than before, so i’m down to one moonflower vine which might make it…   instead of trying to conceive the plants, i decided to just adopt… at the walmark i bought up some cheap starts of pothos.  this one is nearly 7 years old, so spectacular and it prefers the low light:

i also planted a schefflera in a favorite pot, planning it to be bonsai.  i’ve trimmed it a small amount, but need to take some more time to visualize its shape…>deep breath<

i found some leftover tulip bulbs on the back porch and stuffed them into a pot;  my amaryllis is kinda sloow, and my paperwhites only had one bloom.

when i’m working on the outside plants, i’ve been known to neglect my houseplants…i brought them all outside one year and many were damaged by caterpillars…but i want to remember how much pleasure they bring me in winter—even a wierd one.


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