sure, go ahead and plant the veggies, he said…

after covering up my veggies last night, i received an email from the good-ole ag agent, saying…sorry, just heard it’s freezing there…(he’s out of town)…better cover up your maters…  ha!  this ain’t my first rodeo, so my covers were handily brought out, giving my garden the appearance of a teepee village.  this morning i uncovered and casey re-covered them tonight, the coldest of the 2 warnings.  oh, well.  ag-dude’s tomatoes were already put in, too, but he probably got some of his minions to take care of it for him.  i bet his sheets aren’t as attractive as mine…



2 thoughts on “sure, go ahead and plant the veggies, he said…

  1. I actually learned from your blog. I too covered my plants (at that time, mostly roses and clemantises), but I did not know I only needed to cover them from above. I certainly enjoy following your blog 🙂 God was driving when I ran into you that day at Hillside Gardens.


    • it Was Jesus at the wheel that day, wasn’t it? i really enjoy keeping an eye on you and your adventures… however, in the best interest of your gardening skills i must say that the pictures of my plant covers were opened for the day, but completely cover the plants to the ground during the night-time. i just forgot to take the pictures until i’d already opened them for the daytime temperatures…


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