still growing strong…

the teeny little bell peppers i planted back in march never took off, so i replaced them with fresh


and planted 8 more basil—a girl can never get enough basil…(and i have 4 more to plant)…


the peas are just starting to get some tasty pods on them, but the broccoli failed.  it’s time to harvest them and the salad greens and plant the green beans over there while the peas finish up.


i got all the geraniums put in…i admire seed geraniums so much—plucky plants that are hardy, cheap, and bloom until it snows on them…


we had to move a hydrangea over to the shade garden and i brought out my childsize wheelbarrow and wagon…more planting to be done…


i also planted containers for the front porch and i really like the way it’s turned out…


there’s always more…and glad for it…as one of my pinterest signs says:  garden is great therapy—and you get tomatoes!!  (pretty flowers, too)


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