the peas are history…well, there are 2 tubs of them in my fridge ready for a recipe or just munching…but they’re out of the ground, making way for the next phase…  i also amended with topsoil, sprayed everything with miracle-gro, and planted…

from this end:  another better boy tomato, 4 sweet banana peppers, 2 more california wonder peppers;  that blank spot is full of bush beans and the pole beans are around the ends of the whateveritscalled in the corner…(that’s some red husky and more peppers along the back, with one New purple sweet pepper planted today).

planting seeds takes courage, unlike throwing down some herbs in an already-blooming herb garden…

new cinnamon basil, nasturtium, kent oregano, melon sage

we got the soaker-hose laid out just so and when i turned it on, it had a huge spewing slice out of it, but we’ll fix that.  i’ve got more to plant in the shade-ish garden and i bought a bunch of stuff to make a container herb garden for my daughter-in-law.  30% chance of rain…Hope…

i’ve got cypress mulch to spread tomorrow before i move out of the veggie garden, and casey’s supposed to bring home several barrels of the “good” mulch for the side garden;  i’ll top-dress with composted manure and oila!  i’m done…maybe…


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