back from vacation…

we had set up an elaborate watering system using soaker hoses and timers…let me say that last year i bought out the soaker-hoses at the dollar store and we have found that they require frequent duct-taping…timers were husband’s idea and it works really well if the hoses don’t start watering the fence or the house foundation… we all drove down to walt disney world on the 24th;  record heat and no rain the entire time we were gone.   a friend watered our containers while we were gone, but a lot of the gardens were wilting when we returned last night.  upon arrival i watered some panting rudbeckia and geranium…i gave everything a good dose this morning, too.  now we’ve had a little storm that spit some drops on us, so i think we’ll mostly survive.  we harvested several tomatoes, as the vegetable garden did fine.

the east side of the house was a desert, but the bee balm needs to be cut back, anyway;  the blueberry bushes are burnt, but i have  hope;  the lace-cap hydrangea worries me…  my water bill was obscene, but worth the cost if i can keep it green…


2 thoughts on “back from vacation…

  1. What a challenge! I really must stop moaning about all the wet weather we’ve had in England… at least I can go away knowing that nothing will dry up!! It’s still looking lovely x


  2. Wow! I thought so much about your garden while you were gone . . . just knew it was going to burn up like everything else. So glad you salvaged it – means more freebies for me!!:)


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