a little rain, a lot of steam

still setting records with our 3-digit temps, the intense heat has triggered storms every evening for the last several days.  the ensuing humidity is more familiar that the oven-heat than we’d been experiencing, but i still put off the heavy garden work until last night. the lace-cap hydrangea had to be stripped of its dry, brown leaves, but there are small green buds all up and down the naked branches!!  i cut the brown heads off of the coneflower and other hydrangeas as well.   we had moved the containers under the wisteria trellis….

so we moved the geraniums and the edibles back to the back…

oregano, marjoram, tomato and hot peppers

i had cut back the bee-balm in the back, but it looked awful, so i moved the lemon balm and a coreopsis back there to cover it…

lemon balm (melissa) covering the ugly blank spot, coreopsis on the pedestal

i’m not going to put any containers out front until the heat really lets up…so our trellis still has the impatiens, gerberas, begonias, coreopsis and fern…

i planted more bush green beans, a sweet cherry 100, and a zucchini (rescued from walmart) and watered them down thoroughly.  i trimmed the flowers off of the basil, cut the rosemary off of the ornamental basil, and harvested several husky red tomatoes and a couple of better boys.  overall, the veggies are doing fine with sunflowers and zinnias popping up throughout…

the best part of any garden is enjoying and sharing its harvest….

come on by and we’ll be happy to share our herbs…!


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