drought lament

i just haven’t had the heart to do much blogging about my garden this year.  it’s just heart-breaking to the point of depressing to see so many plants in distress.  i don’t mean the annuals, my dears…i mean the hardy perennials, stalwart shrubs, stately trees…the lifeless brown pops up everywhere there should be green…the drought  and the heat are in competition to set new records and all living things are suffering.   the crops in the field look scorched, cooked, dusty and forlorn; if i could make it rain, i’d send it to the farmers.  as much as this is getting to me, i can only imagine how bad they’re feeling.

in a garden as small as mine, there’s been adequate watering, and i harvested a lot of tomatoes for my famous tomato salads before the ungodly heat stopped the plants from fruiting.  they are coming back just now, so i should have a second crop next month; ditto for the bell peppers.  the husky red cherries are prolific, though slow to ripen.

husky red cherry tomatoes

i’ve tons of basil and i’m infusing some vinegars even as we speak.  next week i’ll put up some pesto.

sweet basil

despite their robust appearance, the eggplants have only produced one handicapped fruit, but there are flowers of hope on them.


the beans are pretty, but no beans.

polebeans and morning glory with bush beans, sunflowers, marigolds

i think my zucchini are all male…dang it, i don’t judge, but i wanted babies…

i dead-headed the coneflower and cut back some daylilies and they are okay;  the lace-cap hydrangea is still in critical care— i can hardly wait to move her to a better spot in the fall.  in fact, while i spend my hours schlepping water around and keeping things alive, i just keep wishing that brown color was seasonal…


One thought on “drought lament

  1. We’ve just 3 days of sunshine in England (after months of heavy rain) so hopefully the rain from here will be heading your way very soon! Weather is doing strange things all over the place this year!


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