rain has arrived…

weirdly enough, we had a record rainfall the other evening!!  very strange, but welcome.  the sound of the rain pouring and pelting was like hearing the voice of a long-lost friend.  i opened the doors and a window and just sat and listened, then walked outside to breathe in the smell of the dust wafting upward.  while we’re still 12inches below our average rainfall for the year, everybody feels better.  the heat and humidity remain, but even that’s supposed to clear off somewhat next week.

since i always show you my vegetable garden, i took some pictures of other areas for your perusal…my grapes are a mess, actually.  there are 3 main vines that i planted 2 years ago, but husband and i argued over how to prune them (there’s something biblical about that) and i let him take them over.  the birds eat all the grapes and the arbor is straining, but ya gotta let a man have a little control sometimes.  this the very back of my house, anyway…

while we were on vacation, we moved all the containers under this trellis to keep them from burning up.  we’ve moved most of them back, except the shade-loving fern and impatiens.  this area is also used for intensive care when plants have had just too much sun.

when we returned from wdw these hardy rudbeckia were seriously burned.  i have masses of rudbeckia, the offspring of 3 that i bought some 15-odd years ago…i’ve given it away, planted it all around the house…i never thought i’d see it in such bad shape.  it’s coming back, though, with some TLC.  (and lots of watering)

ah, the porch.  or verandah, as i like to call it with an affected southern accent…  it’s the place to swing and stay as cool-as-it-gets on these days.

or swing and watch the rain fall (i hope)…

p.s.  it has taken me several days to post this post and we’ve gotten even More Rain…


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