happy birthday, dear mikey…

****i accidentally posted this to the wrong blog and i’m too tired to rewrite it on The News***

poor baby, his momma was so busy working that she barely spoke to him on his birthday…

even though isaac rained on our parade, we had nice time yesterday at the track celebrating the 31st b-day of my baby.  he is such a good man.   i just love being with him and his family…so glad they live nearby.

his birthday always falls near labor day week-end and for years we have celebrated at ellis.  this year melissa had an important wedding to attend in NY, so it was just us and the jrs.  we had luncheon in the clubhouse and got a gander of the new slotmachines instant racing machines in the new game room.  verry interesting…

it rained and poured, rained some more, then poured again.

today there was yet another downpour  about 12 minutes before post time for the 9th and final race…but the riders must have wanted to get out of there as much as i did and there was no delay.  it was kinda scarey, watching them fly through the mud, but no one fell and the live season is over.

this is what you call Sloppy Track


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