pesto jojo, a how-to post

grow the basil, harvest the basil into baskets.  to about 8 cups basil, add 1 cup olive oil, 1 cup nuts (walnuts for me), and 1 cup minced garlic:

put all but about 1/3 cup oil into the food processer and process…

remove from processer to mixing bowl and add a cup or so of finely shredded parmesan cheese…

mix it all up and put into containers.   i found these cool refrigerator containers down at the consignment shop…  **to clean the mixing bowl, use bread and make yourself a tasty treat…

now repeat that every evening until you’ve used up all the basil (and containers).  i put them into ice cube trays for freezing.   use them in recipes, or just to spread on a piece of toast…or my favorite, give it away..!


5 thoughts on “pesto jojo, a how-to post

  1. Love it Jo. You found those little bowls at a shop? Dang I bought mine at qvc in green! Also I have the exact same quilt you have when I saw Mellisa siting on the bed at your house, wow we are twins at heart! Love ya, the pretty one 😉


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