the feeders are open

we’ve changed the locations of the  bird-feeders this year:  the finch feeders are in front of the dining room windows;  the sunflower feeders are outside the windows in the east–that’s the house and the barn;  the church sunflower feeder is outside the frontnorth room window.   All of them have been strategically placed so that i can set up a tripod from inside and snap away.  the little boogers see your shadow, though, and it’s rather tricky.  i haven’t quite figured their feeding patterns, either, so it took me a while just to get some actual bird shots..!  this photo is edited, but the original wasn’t too bad, considering that there’s a window and a screen between us…

the barn feeder is more difficult and i failed to catch a single bird there.  i Missed 2 cardinals, but they jumped to the trellis, so i might have to focus up in there…

finches, sparrows, cardinals, chickadees…i hope to capture pictures of all kinds this year, and all it costs is several hundred dollars worth of birdfood and getting the tripod in exactly the right spot.



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