invisible birds

i sat watching the white birdhouse feeder this afternoon and lo! and behold!  a woodpecker landed and fed for quite a while, long enough for me to study her beak and tail to see if she was a hairy or downy woodpecker.  verdict:  downy.

but i can’t study the bird through the camera lens;  by the time i thought to grab it, she had moved on.

same thing happened this morning when i saw a beautiful bluejay sitting on the garden fence.  i so admired it and i wished i had a picture, but the camera was out of reach.

i get some pretty good pictures…but the best moments are when i am in the picture, studying, admiring, savoring…

i would love to be able to write in such a way that you, my reader, would see the vivid contrast of black and white on the downy woodpecker and watch her beak as it broke open the sunflower seeds, her speckled tail stiff beneath her striped wings.  i wish i could describe the clear graphics formed by the white against blue on the bluejay’s back and how the steel blue contrasted with the gray fencepost.

i’ll try to get some pictures…


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