68degrees in January…

I took advantage of the Springish weather to re-pot some indoor plants and trim some rosemary for infusion.

Here’s a place you’ve never seen before:



It’s my share of our 1931 garage-to-nowhere… husband hogs it for his lawn and wood tools… I think he needs to build me a greenhouse anytime now, but he’ll figure that out soon enough.

Anyway, I trimmed back the rosemary to make some essential rosemary oil.  Since I will be using this for skin, I used baby oil:  pull off a bunch of fresh rosemary and stuff it in a jar, pour baby oil over it, let it sit in a warm place for a month or so.  Please, don’t Eat it.  That’s the kind you put in olive oil…




Every year I grow the amaryllis;  this year, I got them started on New Year’s Day and was feeling rather smug—always a bad sign.  I overwatered them..!  Today I pulled out the bulbs (I think they’ll make it) and replanted them in some dry soil;  repotted one african violet so that I could use the pot for new, blooming, dark-violet one;  took apart a smiley-face plant that I received from one of my fans and made it into 3;  put a new, almost-blooming hyacinth back into that container.


The rain is unrelenting now and the temperatures are forecast to drop precipitously into the freezing zone tomorrow afternoon.  We’re warm & cozy inside, ready for some indoor gardening;  and when we’ve finally dried out, skin scaling and optimism waning…we’ll have some nice rosemary oil to rub on….


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