starting seeds…

Happy Mardi Gras!!  Ash Wednesday is sure early this year—as is Easter, of course.  I’m not sure I’m ready for the discipline of Lent, but I’m ready to get ready for Spring..!

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, I could successfully plant seeds indoors from Feb. 10-19 under the light of the New Moon (or lack thereof).  Ready…



If you remember from past years, I am not good at this, but I’m persistent.  I’ve made plenty of mistakes now, so I hope I’ve got all the lessons learned and that this year I’ll save $$ with this endeavor instead of merely giving myself a nice mess to toss in a month.  Lesson 1:  mark which seeds are in which row in which container–seems easy enough, huh? Well, I have had “surprises” before, so I’m doing it right this year with the handy-dandy grid that Burpee supplied.  2:  speaking of Burpee, that’s a different brand of seed and starting medium, just in case my past failures are not All My Fault.  3: We bought a growing light last year, but never used it.  This year, I’m going to be patient with the germination phase and use the light.  Since the windows bring in such abundant sunlight, I’ve always stuck the seedlings in front of them, causing them to be leggy and weak.  This year—oila!—I’ll be ready in a couple of weeks with my new grow-light…


One flat is all basils:  red rubin, mammoth, cinnamon, sweet, siam queen and some common thyme to round things out.  The other flat is peppers and tomatoes:  roma grande, sweeties, and  bush big boy tomatoes;  big dipper, organic California wonder, and a sweet hybrid mix of peppers.

I’m feeling as confident as a person can feel who has failed for years to get this right.  Well, there was the one year that I managed to get 2 flats of impatiens, proudly.  So my back-up plan:  plant flowers during the March new moon..!  Can’t fail, right?  Right…

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