seed startle…

I planted the basil/thyme flat last Sunday;  the tomato/sweet pepper flat on Monday.  Why is one doing so much better and what am I going to do about the other…  Look:



Flat on left is basil, all even and uniform;  flat on right is Out of Control with leggy, hyperactive tomatoes jumping at the light and introverted peppers hiding.  Even though the pepper seeds hadn’t shown their heads, I had to put the tomatoes under the light.  I might have to start all over on that one.  But it’s really so-far-so-good considering the basil is doing well…



On Saturday we were shopping for flooring at the Home Improvement Center, so I had to check out the garden area.  Good thing, too, because I found a perfect Salad Bowl for growing lettuce and spinach indoors…



We Did cover it with some mesh so that Wink does not mistake it for a litter bowl, so don’t worry.  We should have a nice salad for Easter.


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