passing by…

I failed to mention the Great Backyard Birdcount that occurred the other week.  I counted 4 times over 2 days, 15-20 minutes each time.   We didn’t see any exotic species, just the usual cardinals, wrens, sparrows, finches, and doves.  My highest count was 36, mostly finches and spatsies;  at one time I counted 9 cardinals..!  The squirrels have been raiding the sunflower feeders, so we had to move them farther from the trellis jumping-off spots, making it much more difficult to get pictures.  The finch feeders are constantly full, but they seem to notice me when I come within 2 feet of the window.  I did manage to snap these:









Since the Big Count, we’ve seen even more birds as they stop by on their way to their summer nesting grounds, making me glad that we’re not counting!!    It’s a sure sign that Spring is near.


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