Before the Deluge…

Spring gave us a deadline..again…  Knowing that the Rains would arrive around Thursday, we started planting…

I am pretty excited about my new lavender hedge:


18 hidcote lavender 12inches apart around a 7×7 bed.  I didn’t feel adventurous enough to try a knot, but I think it will make a fragrant hedge for pineapple sage and whatever else ends up growing there.

The peas are doing wonderfully, so we planted a new row and decided to let the zucchini and yellow squash sink or swim…


The tomatoes are making themselves at home—that’s 2 better boys, 1 early girl, 2 la romas, and 2 sweet cherry 100’s.  I’m still not sure where the red huskies are going to stay, so they’re still on the porch with the herbs and more tender plants that wouldn’t like the soon-to-be 40-degree temps.


The beautiful weather kept us outside for the first part of the week, and we had it pretty much under control when the relentless clouds and cold came back carrying copious amounts of rain.




 The cloudy rainy days have at least gotten warmer, and really the garden doesn’t mind.  I’m still anxious to get out and get at it… 



One thought on “Before the Deluge…

  1. Your collection of pots, cans and tins are charming! The lavender hedge will look lovely and I’m sure you will will master a knot (just give me the instructions as I wouldn’t know where to start!)


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