What’s growing at Sonnystone…

I’ve been so preoccupied with the inside of my house, preparing for the July Family Fest.  I think I may have moved every single piece of furniture in the house, at least twice, and still am not finished.  Meanwhile, the intermittent rain and sunshine has taken care of the garden–though I have some dead-heading to do.  Often I am as obsessive about re-arranging the garden as I am the furniture, so I think my plants are secretly happy that I’ve left them in charge of their own show (for a while).

New stuff:  Check out my grapes!!!  We bought some netting to keep the birds from eating them all this year, but we didn’t get it placed due to rainy rain.  I’m going to guard them somehow, though, as I reallly want a crop of concords this year (and stomp them):

There have been some new additions in the front of the house. Last fall, Casey brought home some tall grasses and we planted them out out by the daylilies. They will get 8-10ft tall, so I’m hoping they’ll do some screening of the street…so far, so good:


The tomatoes are fruiting…

And many of the blueberries are Blue!!!


Overall, I’d say we’ll be eating pretty well at the FFest in July and with grandkids to help harvest, it will be sweet:


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