Checking in…

The grandchildren from NYC have come and gone.  While they were here, they helped bring in some tomatoes, trimmed some oregano, and just generally enjoyed looking out for the bunnies.  City girls are especially intrigued by the sound of the tree flies at night and the sight of the sloughed skin stuck to a tree is the stuff of legends…   I need a bat house, though, to take care of the mosquitoes;  my daughter and her progeny are verry reactive to the bites (as am I) and DEET is so Deetish.

Regardless of who does the regarding, the garden continues to grow.  The squash, at last overcome by the powdery mildew despite my valiant efforts, has been pulled after producing just a few;  the green beans have been harvested and eaten.  The empty rows are “resting” and I’ll get some more beans planted and maybe some greens.  I’m steadily harvesting bell peppers and all varieties of tomatoes.  In the center garden, the pineapple sage are robust and the lavendar hedge is finally stretching up…mostly.  I need to move the tarragon and rosemary, plenty of that, but overall it’s a lovely garden.








The front porch flowers have stood up well under the summer’s wind and rains.  I did some dead-heading the several days ago, and always pinch the marigolds and geraniums when i’m walking by;  otherwise, they’ve required little fuss…




It’s been a lovely summer break and weather has been unusually co-operative…   I’m still working the week-ends at the race-track and I’ll be starting back to my school-job in 5 days.   It makes me look forward to harvest and the fall, but Not Yet…

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