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sowing and feeding

Puh-leeze, let this be the last icey-snowy day for the season…am I asking so much?  Lucky for us, I had the fixin’s for some jambalaya and muffulettas before the storm, so we’re inside warm and fat, getting fatter for Mardi Gras.  Outside, we moved the birdfeeders under the porch so they wouldn’t ice over.   We feed dozens of birds, a number that has increased as word got out amongst the feathery-types that there’s a buffet here.


The wisteria desperately needs to be cut, but it provides such shelter for the birds, that we’re not sure just how much we should try to prune…

With hope in my heart, sort of, I started seeds last night…  I cleared out a closet upstairs and made it into a darkroom for germinating.  We added another grow-light, too.  If this doesn’t work, I really will give up…


Casey worked last night, but cleared the snow from the ice in the driveway before he went to sleep.  He says the roads are still icey, so me and the birds will spend the day eating…  Hope your feeder is full…stay safe and warm.

3 thoughts on “sowing and feeding

    1. Yes, the red birds are cardinals, the others are chickadees and a small gold finch very much molting. Cardinals mate for life and we’ve watched several couples over the years as they raise babies—they’re fascinating. ]
      And so is your blog! You are very talented and inspiring! Sorry I just now got around to following you, since I’ve been popping in for a while! Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Don’t be sorry! That’s awesome! You just gave me a lovely ego boost. Thank you. We have tons of crows, seagulls, Stellar Jays and something small like a chickadee- sorry I’m no bird expert so the others shall remain nameless. Lol! But those red feathers are stunning against the white. And they mate for life! So sweet


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