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Last post from Winter…

The spring bulbs didn’t even wait for official start of spring, nor were they daunted by the snow that covered them a couple of days after these pictures were taken…I guess they just thought it was a cold drink…

I sorted through my seedlings a couple of days ago and brought the growers downstairs so Casey can keep a better eye on them while I’m visiting NYC next week. I planted 100 seeds and about 46 look viable, for now; mostly the “mixed climbers” which seem to be a lot of morning glories.  If they make it until I return on the 28th, they are the winners!

And since the weather can’t seem to move off of the Winter mode, the orchids on display at our local zoo’s Amazonia helped give us hope…

The NYC weather forecast looks cold, but the love will be warm.  Catch you after the break!

2 thoughts on “Last post from Winter…

  1. Oh, you’ve got me so hopeful for spring. Can’t believe it’s still snowing outside! This truly is a winter that’s determined not to let go in my neck of the woods.
    I shall live vicariously through you at the moment. 🙂


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