First Post from Spring…


The birds are  having their usual Spring Noisemaking Competition every morning;  the yellow of forsythia is taking over from the daffodils while the magnolia waits to unfurl.  Taking its time, –and who are we to hurry her?–Spring has returned.  Think of the magic she’ll do before she gives up her reign in June!!   The rain totals are over the top, saturating the earth and toppling trees down the path.  Still, when it’s all stopped and dried, the blue sky will be vibrant and the green verdant, the air will be fresh.  And we, too, will start again planting.  Not quite yet, but soon.



Last weekend we walked the property line, checking for signs that the perennials made it..or not.  It was a long, cold, lonely winter, little darling, and I was a little worried about some of last year’s freshman class:  blueberries (3 of 4 look fine), raspberries (all good), and dwarf crape myrtle (looking iffy).  Best of all, the asparagus is all up!!!

I moved my seedlings out to the back porch and they’re still holding on.   In fact, during the torrential rain the other night, the roof leaked very nicely into their pots…   Our average last day of frost is 4/15 and the way this year has gone, I’m expecting anything.  I’d like to get some peas in the ground, and I promised Eliza I’d grow her some carrots, so soon as the mud is dirt, I’m gonna throw out some seeds.

Maybe we can’t plant, but we can always plan and I’m going to make a lot of changes, as usual.  In the meantime, we pruned the wisteria and grapes—a much-needed clean-up for both.

Begin again…planting and sowing.




One thought on “First Post from Spring…

  1. Love your daffodils!! So gorgeous along the brick path (I’m jealous of that) and under the mature trees. Thanks for giving us a peek at your spring.


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