Photos, mostly…

That storm last Friday…whew!   I was sitting here in the Captain’s Chair, looking out the windows when the wind kicked in.  Looking to the east, it was dry as the wind pushed the rain straight forward;  to the south, my shrubs and trees were very nearly horizontal.  Then came buckets of rain…  Everything on the front porch was picked up and blown;  the plant debris was tattooed onto the siding.  If we’d had any tall trees in front, they’d have fallen…but that’s already been done, as you know.  Michael and his family were without power for 3 days, but we just picked up and cleaned up—well we’re still cleaning up limbs and such.  Since then, we’ve gotten yet another 1.25″ of rain and the temps have dropped.  Geez…

Still, I managed to get out and take some pictures on Tuesday before the rains hit…  Everything will have grown another foot by the time all this clears out…


Thanks to my lessons over a Blogging 101, I’m going to add some very juicy content to this blog.    Start-up is targeted for after Memorial Day, so check back…or follow me so you’ll receive notice when I post.

Till then…this is a picture of the side yard.  On the right is a  rhododendron that we took out of Michael’s front yard looking half-dead…it’s revived nicely…there’s a lesson there…



One thought on “Photos, mostly…

  1. Glad that most everything looks like it survived the storm! It’s cold here, too. In the lower 40’s and we had a bit of a freeze scare last night. Can’t wait to see the new additions to your Blog. Love juicy!!


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